Character File

Role: Black marketeer/drug dealer
First Appearance: Chapter 4
Quick Notes:

  • No. of arrests: 2
  • New psychotropic blends developed: Ghost Vision, Blue Sky
  • No. of adverse reactions to psychotropic blends: 5 (mild)
  • Most lucrative product: Earl Grey tea
  • Rumors of tryst with billion-dollar heir: Just rumors

Role: Media figure/activist/gubernatorial candidate/proto-fascist thug
First Appearance: Chapter 8
Quick Notes:

  • No. of followers nationwide: 26.7 million (est.)
  • Favorite architectural style: Futurism
  • Favorite philosopher: Friedrich Nietzsche
  • No. of confirmed homicides: 1 (justified)
  • No. of homicides to which he has suspected ties: 15

Role: Journalist/intoxicant aficionado
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Quick Notes:

  • No. of awards for writing/journalism: 3
  • No. of arrests: 8
  • Average BAC at intake: 0.13
  • Favorite strain of cannabis: Silver Haze
  • Typical amphetamine dosage: 15 mg/day

Role: Student/activist/vandal
First appearance: Chapter 7
Quick Notes:

  • No. of arrests: 5 (all misdemeanors)
  • Major: Visual Arts
  • Total sq. ft. public property covered in visual art: 1650 (est.)
  • Most notable tag: “Freedom is not Commodity,” EIC inner wall
  • Artist’s statement: “Never negotiate for justice. That’s it.”

Role: Anthropology professor/controversy magnet
First Appearance: Chapter 7
Quick Notes:

  • No. of arrests: 0 (but not for lack of trying on part of authorities)
  • No. of illicit substances featured in his Deeper Travelogue: 21
  • No. of ancient sexual artifacts in personal collection: 64
  • Known ties to black radical groups: None
  • No. of times called a “black radical” in the press: 650 (est.)

Role: Billionaire industrialist/power broker
First appearance: Chapter 8 (mentioned)
Quick Notes:

  • Estimated holdings: $92.3 billion
  • No. of unique Holy Bible translations owned: 41
  • Known connections to Integrity project: [REDACTED BY KS SEC STATE KARLYLE]
  • Results of Project Rudra: [SEALED BY US FEDERAL GOV’T UNTIL 2067]
  • Personal interests: The teachings of Jesus Christ, high school trivia competitions

Role: Group leader/enforcer for Leroy Brigg
First Appearance: Chapter 6
Quick Notes:

  • No. of arrests: 4
  • Psychological profile: Dissocial personality disorder (F60.2)
  • Length of tenure working for Brigg: 3 years
  • Favorite firearm: FN Minimi light machine gun
  • Favorite melee weapon: Aluminum baseball bat

Role: Student/ur-hipster
First appearance: Chapter 4
Quick Notes:

  • % of income spent on vintage clothing: 30%
  • Favorite strain of cannabis: None, marijuana is too mainstream
  • Favorite band: None, local bands are trying too hard to be popular
  • Psychological profile: Schizoid personality disorder (F60.1)
  • Latent fixation: Fire

Role: Journalist (arguably)
First Appearance: Chapter 8
Quick Notes:

  • No. of awards for writing/journalism: 0
  • No. of restraining orders filed against: 4
  • Average no. of unfiltered packs smoked a day: 2.6
  • No. of articles written: 36
  • No. of articles written about Joshua Jameson: 34

Role: Journalist/courtier to the Beltway
First Appearance: Chapter 5
Quick Notes:

  • No. of awards for writing/journalism: 5
  • Average speaking fee: $50,000
  • Average book advance: $600,000
  • No. of neologisms coined: 11
  • Average bullshit/content ratio (based on Frankfurt method): 6:1