Arcadius Brinkley – A mythical radical leftist figure tied to various politically motivated criminal acts. Real identity unknown.

The Briggs – Followers of extremist media figure Leroy Timugen Brigg, in particular the paramilitary group active along the Kansas/Missouri border.

Digital Pardner – A common consumer-level personal electronic device.

EIC – Electoral Integrity Center. A massive computation facility associated with the Integrity campaign put forth by Kansas Governor Merton Goldstreet and Kansas Secretary of State Karlyle Augustus. The stated intention of the facility is to classify voters based on estimated probability of voter fraud.

Eldridge Hotel – The current incarnation of the Free State Hotel which was destroyed twice (during the Sack of Lawrence and the Lawrence Massacre) and rebuilt both times.

FASTR – A state-of-the-art biometric tracking platform. Developed by Cybercog Solutions, currently a part of Jameson Enterprises.

Ghost Vision – A mildly hallucinogenic herbal compound mixed by black marketeers and used by some as an alternative to cannabis.

Goldie – A derisive term for Kansas Governor Merton Goldstreet.

Jameson Research – A subdivision of Jameson Enterprises, officially dedicated to energy exploration and alternative energy development but which controls several companies that pursue other areas of research.

Mass Street – A nickname for Massachusetts Street, the Lawrence downtown area.

OSIS – Office of State and Interstate Security. A new department created by Kansas Secretary of State Karlyle Augustus with the intention of dealing with wide-scale threats for which neither traditional police nor the armed forces are suited.

UFJ – Union for Justice. A left-of-center political movement focused on confronting issues socioeconomic justice and civil rights, in particular the Integrity campaign.

Warehouse Arts District – A neighborhood of East Lawrence known for its galleries and display areas, mostly built in reclaimed warehouses.